Big Nema, Dream-Spun Empress

Born into the latter half of the First Age, Big Nema Exalted from a tribe of Wyld-mutants and was herself a giantess. Given her background Big Nema was not interested in the machinations of the Solar Deliberative but was instead still as Wyld-addicted as she had been in her mortal life. Unlike her time as a mortal, however, the Twilight Caste could now easily refute the shaping magic of the raksha and quickly came to master the forms of magic they wielded. As years passed she grew even stronger and soon surpassed all known raksha with her ability and artistry.

It was during this time that Big Nema turned her attention towards uniting the raksha into a single cohesive culture over which she would rule supreme. Prior to her mysterious death towards the end of the First Age she had successfully bent the five Courts of the raksha to her might. She died partway through a project where she was designing a crown that would subsume all raksha loyal to her into a soul heirarchy, theoretically transforming her into a Titan herself.

Big Nema Panoply

The sole item left from Big Nema.

Signet of the Dream-Spun Empress

Tragically lost with Centi during the “liberation” of Lillun.

Big Nema, Dream-Spun Empress

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