Dawn of the Devil-Tigers

Session 24

Outside Influences

  • Muted Tempest shared some information he had come into possession of about the Sword of Creation. The forces of Malfeas and the Realm were working to corrupt the Pole of Earth with demonic essences. It is still unknown what this could result in, though surely nothing good.
  • Samarine, Garex, and Muted Tempest traveled to Rathess, to share the new information with the assembled forces there. Muted Tempest traveled ahead of the other two, arriving well in advance and attempted to infiltrate and herald the coming of the others. He met with most of the leaders of the city. One in particular, Xavier, saw through his disguise and warned him that deception would not be received well.
  • When the others arrived, they met with the leaders and it was reveled that Muted Tempest had been hiding a secret allegiance that had previously been unknown.
  • Pristine Child remained on her island and researched the possibility of drawing power away from the power supply of the Sword of Creation.


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