Dawn of the Devil-Tigers

Session 22

  • After being transported back into Malfeas, Muted Tempest had a vision of a potential path back to Creation. Diving into the seas of Kimbery, his former love for his patron turned to disgust and hatred. Though Pristine Child was severely burned and rendered unconscious, the two found themselves suddenly transported onto the crystalline plains of Eeko-Eh. The mighty being itself was there to notice them, and questioned their motives and actions regarding the past crimes against Malfeas and the other Primordials. Though Muted Tempest did not count himself as part of the conspiracy to steal Lillune, Eeko-Eh could smell the evidence of the crime upon Pristine Child. Relishing the blow it had struck against the Reclamation, Eeko-Eh agreed to transport the two across the Endless Desert, whereupon they were brought back into Creation far to the East, and they bore Necklaces of Crystal Tears as “gifts” of his service.

The one Devil-Tiger on the island who had remained anonymous up to this point revealed themselves as Helena Aurum, Prismatic Phoenix Rising, Whose Faith Restores, a Defiler caste of Hegra.

  • After their return to Pristine Child’s manse-island, the coven was visited by a man riding a narwhal. The man, who introduced himself as the Sidereal Lubomir, attempted to extract information from the ever-slippery Garex Gephron, especially regarding any connection they had with recent upheavals with the Lintha and past affiliations with the denizens of Malfeas. Frustrated by Garex’s inability to ever give a straight answer on anything, he then spoke with the rest of the group, and Samarine was more forthcoming about the group’s true nature. Lubomir also mentioned the dire straights and impaired status of the agents of Heaven, and proposed a working alliance between the two groups opposed to the Reclamation. A tentative trade deal was arranged between Garex’s trade empire and Lubimere’s allies to the east in Rathiss.
  • In light of the potential threat from their former ally, Glory In Ruin, production was begun on some warstriders, as well as other military preparations for a future clash against Glory’s growing army of conquest in the South.
  • While sailing between ports of call, Garex came across a strange black vessel with gossamer motifs. While he initially avoided it, after several sightings, he came close to it to find out that the ship was bearing a young child intended for him to take, as it apparently was his own child, much to his bemusement. He accepted the child, named Oves en Lupus Vestimentes, and took it back home with him.
  • Romega the Lover offered to set up a situation allowing for the easy assassination of An-Teng’s Solar ruler, the Golden Promise. During a bondage-themed orgy, Muted Tempest took revenge for his previous failure to eliminate the Solar upstart. Romega the Lover then took the reins as the ruler of An-Teng.
  • Session ended Ascending Water 20th, RY 770


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