The Typhoon of Nightmares is a creature of flux. She moves to no set pattern, traveling wherever her mood takes her. Sometimes she pours down her dream-rain to fill the demons beneath her with euphoria. Sometimes she withholds her precipitation and lashes out with ebon lightning that drains all feeling from those it strikes, leaving nothing but soulless husks.

When her rage runs cold, her dream-rain turns to opalescent sleet, like a hail of pearls. When her fury burns hot, her clouds glow with a sulfurous blaze and her rains boil out as billows of broiling, coruscating nightmare-steam. Hegra’s other forms are even more evanescent than the Typhoon of Nightmares. Sometimes she is a compulsion, an impalpable presence that compels lesser beings to chaffer and deal. At other times, she manifests as a pervasive glamour of wonder, or envy, or regret. At no point does she don a shape so crassly solid as mortal flesh.

For a creature as ephemeral as she is, Hegra is fascinated by things. She is a creature of interaction, of commerce, of exchange. (She is catholic in her understanding of such things, deeming both gifts and theft to be degenerate—albeit appealing—forms of trade.) She gives dreams and passions, and takes them away; her waters nourish the metal vegetation of Malfeas, not from any natural law, but because it pleases her to provide rather than withhold.

Hegra is one of the few Yozis known to dabble in the politics of Hell. She does this not out of any meaningful interest in demonic society, but rather as a child plays with dolls or pokes a stick into an anthill. She might, in passing, endow a slave of the First Circle with Essence-fueled power and unquenchable ambition, or fill all of a Second Circle citizen’s subjects with some specific and peculiar monomania. Then she watches what befalls in black flashes of lightning beneath the shadow of her rain.

the Demonology of Hegra

Third Circle Demons

Dracttocs, the Insatiable Dream Furnace, Fetich Soul of Hegra
Nachtmahr, the Seeder of Dreams, Seventh Soul of Hegra
Lypothimie, the Mask of Melancholy, Twelfth Soul of Hegra

Second Circle Demons

Combibos, the Incomplete Vortex, Defining Soul of the Seeder of Dreams
Deaf Nolem, the Cloud that Never Rains, Reflective Soul of the Mask of Melancholy

First Circle Demons

Nismahk, the Disruptor of Best Laid Plans, Progeny of the Incomplete Vortex
Eroyee, the Beast that Always Mourns, Progeny of the Cloud that Never Rains
Many, the Poh, the Little Black Rain Cloud, Progeny of the Cloud that Never Rains

the Hegran Urge & Torment

The Hegran Urge (the Urge to Impassion)

Hegran Urges compel their possessors to incense the world around them into greater heights of emotion. Hegra is not a being of forethought or reason but a constant torrent of contagious emotional hysteria. Infernals living under Hegran Urges do not incite feeling for the sake of feeling but because only in the complete release of inhibitions and unbridled embrace of passion can mortals come close to knowing the intoxicating principles of the Typhoon of Nightmares. When ecstasy soaked rain drops drench the fertile minds of the Creation-born such that they can no longer contain their delirious paroxysm the Typhoon of Nightmares might return to the world she helped craft.

Compassionate Hegran Princes bear the closest resemblance to the Typhoon of Nightmares herself, believing that only by releasing mortals from their inhibitions and inciting madness and unthinking passion will the poor beings truly experience existence as it should be. Hegran Princes with Conviction model for all beings the intoxicating power of a heart that knows no restraint or fear and inspires others to act likewise. Temperate Hegran Princes may seem oxymoronic, and indeed they are rare, but rather than the swift storm of emotions inspired by other Hegran Infernals they prefer a long build to an ecstatic climax rather than the swift and brief affairs of their fellows. Lastly, Hegran Princes with Valor set themselves and others into frenzies of emotion that make them unaware of the potential dangers and repercussions of their outbursts.

Examples include;

  • Fan the flames of lust for power and the Scarlet Throne amongst the Houses of the Realm.
  • Cultivate epic romances between the leaders of Gethamane and noble fae such that the gates of Gethamane are open to all raksha.
  • Teach songs to the slaves of the Guild so full of sorrow they die of heartbreak and bleak despair.
  • Enrage the gods of Wavecrest until they demand the life of every citizen in the archipelago to sate their fury.
  • Break the Ebon Dragon’s heart by stealing his bride on the day he is to wed.

The Torment of Hegra

When an Infernal with the Hegran Torment reaches a Limit of 10, she is unable to resist the unpredictable mood swings set on by others. For a number of days equal to the Infernal’s Essence any time another being successfully spends a scene building an Intimacy with the Infernal the Intimacy is instead considered immediately established. In addition, every time the Infernal interacts with another being for an extended duration of time (more than a minute or two) the Infernal must roll her Compassion + Essence with a difficulty of the other’s Temperance. If the roll generates more successes than the other’s Temperance the Infernal gains an Intimacy towards the others Motivation. While the Infernal is in Torment there is no limit to the number of Intimacies she can have. Finally, if the Hegran Prince wishes to act against any of her Intimacies she must spend a Willpower for each Intimacy she acts against per scene.

Inciting the Unbroken Heart (Act of Villainy)

Hegra delights in watching mortals take their passions to extremes that ultimately undo them, launching the mortal into a spiral of depression and pathos. For this reason, the Typhoon of Nightmares delights when Infernals honor her by enticing their foes into abandoning their reason in the face of emotion only to have their fevered outburst destroy that which they care about. It is not that she cherishes destruction, though its aesthetics do please her, so much as she is intoxicated by the wild vacillations of the heart.

Whenever the Infernal convinces another to pursue one of their Intimacies in such a way that destroys or utterly alienates them from the object of their Intimacy she may roll her Compassion and reduce her Limit by the number of successes.

the Charms of Hegra

General Charms of Hegra

Hegra Charms

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