Dawn of the Devil-Tigers

Session 17

Calibration Day 1

The long awaited Calibration saw much celebration as the Ebon Dragon’s Wedding was in full swing. The remaining Coven members were enjoying the debaucherous festivities. Centi socialized with other Infernals, Pristine Child attempted to parlay more contacts from his marriage to Amalion, while Garex tried to work his charms on Alveua, the Keeper of the Forge of Night, a Second Circle demon of the Ebon Dragon, though, she seemed uninterested. The Glory in Ruin was attending a military parade in another section of Malfeas.

As the evening progressed, the party was interrupted by unfamiliar demons heralding Eeeko Eh and proclaiming the folly of all who follow the Ebon Dragon. The demons consisted a large contingent of first circle Centaur like demons, and a single second circle demon appearing as a well dressed man with crystalline features. As the fight broke out Alveua realized that Malfeas was collapsing the level above onto this level to squash the interlopers, and anyone else unfortunate enough to be caught on this level, so she fled to an exit, Garex pursued his newest infatuation. Pristine Child and Amalion simply passed through their attackers and exited the scene. Centi, apparently nonthreatening to the aggressors, passed by them with little trouble and walked out of the party hall.

Once outside it was pretty evident that Malfeas was about to settle this disruption to the festivities, and that the remaining coven members needed to act fast. Unfortunately, they found that they had realized their fate too late to flee the level, the coven was left to hope their defenses were sufficient to save them.

Then the level collapsed!!!!!!!!

In a stunning feet of compassion, Garex, ended his pursuit and turned back to rescue Centi, who had been crushed during the collapse. While pulling her unconscious body rubble, Garex spotted the leader of the attack, now staggered from the collapse, and decided he would make him pay. Dispatching the weakened foe with a little effort, Garex took the head as a trophy.

Garex took Centi to Mirror Darkly who was able to revive her in time for the emergency meeting of the Thing Infernal being held to figure out what to do to deal with the new threat to the wedding. The Infernals were asked for three volunteers to retaliate against Eeeko Eh. Garex, Glory in Ruin, and Brunethor came forward. Shortly after this meeting, Pristine Child and a wounded Centi met with the other conspirators, where it was decided to push up their time tables and strike while the Infernal host was distracted.

Note: I couldn’t recall what happened at the parade, I seem to remember something to do with large elephant like demons stampeding through the crowds, and how we laughed wondering how far off a “normal” Malfean parade that would be. But I could really recall any specific details of what Glory did.


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