Dawn of the Devil-Tigers

Session 15

-Brass Bell Banner brings an urgent matter to Glory in Ruin’s attention. They need to get a gift for the Ebon Dragon, so why not a love child of Metagos and SWLiH corpse, Blooming Fractal Principle.
-Glory in Ruin refuses to slay the child of his patron.
-Centi is contacted by Hegra to gather and release Abyssal agents to Yu-Shan.
-Glory in Ruin and Muted Tempest are recruited into the effort.
-On their trek across the Underworld they encounter a hekatonkhire, Dying Breath Remembered, Muted Tempest is only slightly disturbed that the death of the hekatonkhire brings back visions of a previous incarnation slaying the fetich soul of the River of Torment
-They reached the Thousand and met with World’s End Herald and were treated and provided with sustenance.
-Whispers in the Dark helps Muted Tempest explore the library.
-A meeting is called with First and Forsaken Lion.
-Glory in Ruin met his Lunar mate.


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