Dawn of the Devil-Tigers

Session 24
Outside Influences
  • Muted Tempest shared some information he had come into possession of about the Sword of Creation. The forces of Malfeas and the Realm were working to corrupt the Pole of Earth with demonic essences. It is still unknown what this could result in, though surely nothing good.
  • Samarine, Garex, and Muted Tempest traveled to Rathess, to share the new information with the assembled forces there. Muted Tempest traveled ahead of the other two, arriving well in advance and attempted to infiltrate and herald the coming of the others. He met with most of the leaders of the city. One in particular, Xavier, saw through his disguise and warned him that deception would not be received well.
  • When the others arrived, they met with the leaders and it was reveled that Muted Tempest had been hiding a secret allegiance that had previously been unknown.
  • Pristine Child remained on her island and researched the possibility of drawing power away from the power supply of the Sword of Creation.
Session 23

The Devil-Tigers came together to agree upon a loose federation style of leadership for the heretics. Shortly after Mirror Darkly departed with a 3rd circle demon she had recently summoned. Muted Tempest was mysteriously absent, though he made a brief appearance near the conclusion.

  • the Session was short, mostly book keeping and awaiting the pending release of 2.5 errata
Session 22
  • After being transported back into Malfeas, Muted Tempest had a vision of a potential path back to Creation. Diving into the seas of Kimbery, his former love for his patron turned to disgust and hatred. Though Pristine Child was severely burned and rendered unconscious, the two found themselves suddenly transported onto the crystalline plains of Eeko-Eh. The mighty being itself was there to notice them, and questioned their motives and actions regarding the past crimes against Malfeas and the other Primordials. Though Muted Tempest did not count himself as part of the conspiracy to steal Lillune, Eeko-Eh could smell the evidence of the crime upon Pristine Child. Relishing the blow it had struck against the Reclamation, Eeko-Eh agreed to transport the two across the Endless Desert, whereupon they were brought back into Creation far to the East, and they bore Necklaces of Crystal Tears as “gifts” of his service.

The one Devil-Tiger on the island who had remained anonymous up to this point revealed themselves as Helena Aurum, Prismatic Phoenix Rising, Whose Faith Restores, a Defiler caste of Hegra.

  • After their return to Pristine Child’s manse-island, the coven was visited by a man riding a narwhal. The man, who introduced himself as the Sidereal Lubomir, attempted to extract information from the ever-slippery Garex Gephron, especially regarding any connection they had with recent upheavals with the Lintha and past affiliations with the denizens of Malfeas. Frustrated by Garex’s inability to ever give a straight answer on anything, he then spoke with the rest of the group, and Samarine was more forthcoming about the group’s true nature. Lubomir also mentioned the dire straights and impaired status of the agents of Heaven, and proposed a working alliance between the two groups opposed to the Reclamation. A tentative trade deal was arranged between Garex’s trade empire and Lubimere’s allies to the east in Rathiss.
  • In light of the potential threat from their former ally, Glory In Ruin, production was begun on some warstriders, as well as other military preparations for a future clash against Glory’s growing army of conquest in the South.
  • While sailing between ports of call, Garex came across a strange black vessel with gossamer motifs. While he initially avoided it, after several sightings, he came close to it to find out that the ship was bearing a young child intended for him to take, as it apparently was his own child, much to his bemusement. He accepted the child, named Oves en Lupus Vestimentes, and took it back home with him.
  • Romega the Lover offered to set up a situation allowing for the easy assassination of An-Teng’s Solar ruler, the Golden Promise. During a bondage-themed orgy, Muted Tempest took revenge for his previous failure to eliminate the Solar upstart. Romega the Lover then took the reins as the ruler of An-Teng.
  • Session ended Ascending Water 20th, RY 770
Session 21
Pyyhric victory is a victory none-the-less

In an attempt to remove the threat of the Lintha, the forces of the Devil-Tigers marched on Blue Haven. Utilizing a small contingent of Garex’s air fleet and most of Pristine Child’s demon army, we launched at them headlong, with little in the way of planning or foresight. Though, incompetence was not ours alone this day, the armada of the Sea that Marched Against the Flame did more to destroy themselves than we could have hoped, or even should have expected.

At the outset of the engagement, the Lintha Admiral, a powerful Akuma, summoned forth his master, turning the seas to match her twisted nature. This proved most devastating to their own fleets, sinking much of their vessels while doing very little to our airborne forces. The battle pitched when the Admiral proved he was equal parts arrogant as he was stupid, though he was still a powerful adversary and we would likely have done more damage to ourselves had we chosen to continue with the direct approach. Garex nearly met his fate once again, though was saved by Muted Tempest as he then proceeded to bug out. I, Samarine, knowing the loss of a valued ally would hinder us more than a mere defeat in this meaningless battle, took to rescuing Garex from the acidic sea and ordering a withdrawal from conflict. Pristine Child, overconfident as always, sank beneath the waves where she thought she was untouchable. Alas, and ironically well timed on my part, the sea vanished, in what I can only imagine was Malfeas wrenching back all that was twisted by the Great Mother, leaving only the void for the oceans of creation to fill.

Though the fates of the Heretic Queen and Muted Tempest lie outside my purview, I have faith that they will find a way back to us. Until then, I must continue to do what is necessary to protect our cause.

Samarine 7th of Ascending Air, RY 770

Session 20
Shop Smart, Shop Gephron-mart.

The inevitable conflict for the fate of the world begins. The heresy has gathered on Pristine Child’s island, and set forth to establish a social and military force to begin their expansion. The main driver for the economic expansion is the ever popular Gephron Industries, mass producing all your artifact needs for rock bottom prices. As these goods flooded the market the Guild was undercut on one of their prime markets, reducing their worldly influence.
In the meantime the Scarlet Empress has returned and has begun to work her wiles on the Blessed Isle. Not much of her influence has been felt in our small corner of the world, but the agents of the yozi have already sent out feelers trying to track down Garex. How long is it til full blown conflict emerges and our deals with both sides become obvious to the world?

Session 19
Horse Whispering. And kidnapping. . .

After having gathered a band of infernals, akuma and prince alike, Garex bravely led his party off into the crystalline fields to capture the being known as Washo – Eh. With the help of a native guide, and after some long travels through the wilderness, it would appear that Washo – Eh and a herd of his follows caught Garex and his party off guard. Thankfully, Garex through his inspiring leadership commanded his forces against the those of the treacherous Washo -Eh. By a mix of Garex’s cunning, and the might of his allies, Washo-Eh was captured.

What should have been a glorious homecoming however was ruined, as the Thing Infernal was up in arms about some heretic or something, and they had the audacity to accuse Garex of being one of those heretics. Needless to say, this called for a vacation back in creation, consisting of a rather long drug fueled bender with Cynis Falen.

After nearly losing his life to the a drug overdose, Mirror Darkly persuaded Garex to join the heresy in exchange for his life. Also, sexual addiction! Garex then moved to the island sanctuary of Pristine Child, awaiting what would happen next.

Session 18.1
Come morning we ride

After his most glorius victory over the second circle demon following the collapse of the wedding party, Garex made his way demon head in tow to the thing infernal. At the thing infernal, by virtue of his charisma and charm, Garex became leader of the conspiracy to bring swift justice against Eeko-Eh.

After some deliberation, it was decided something loved by eeko-eh must be taken from him. After consulting with the knowledge broker Yurgle, and telling Yurgle the vile tale of the affair of Muted tempest and the pale mistress as only a story teller of his prowess could, Garex was informed of the spirit Washo-eh, whom it is decided is the ideal taget for a kidnapping. Upon returning to the thing infernal, Garex informed his co-conspirators of the plot to kidnap Washo-eh, and come morning, they will make their way to the Plain’s of Eeko-Eh to perform the deeds.

Session 18
My little friend is hardening.

The assault on Lillun’s stronghold began, the manses were breached and the search was underway.
Under Cecelyne’s purview, we encountered an apparently endless desert under multicolored stars. Centi discovered that peeing in a circle is not the way to get out, it just irritates the sand worms.
She Who Lives in Her Name apparently has a fixation on puzzles for children, her manse breezed through… unfortunately that breeze ended up being Adorjan’s manse and tore most of the group to shreds, leading to a few more favors owed.
With two manses remaining we encountered Malfeas’s contribution to the defense, a small army of Blood Apes. Centi quickly learned the advantage of truly perfect defense, as her lack of it lead to her splatting headfirst into a wall and then careening into a pool of lava.

Session 17
Calibration Day 1

The long awaited Calibration saw much celebration as the Ebon Dragon’s Wedding was in full swing. The remaining Coven members were enjoying the debaucherous festivities. Centi socialized with other Infernals, Pristine Child attempted to parlay more contacts from his marriage to Amalion, while Garex tried to work his charms on Alveua, the Keeper of the Forge of Night, a Second Circle demon of the Ebon Dragon, though, she seemed uninterested. The Glory in Ruin was attending a military parade in another section of Malfeas.

As the evening progressed, the party was interrupted by unfamiliar demons heralding Eeeko Eh and proclaiming the folly of all who follow the Ebon Dragon. The demons consisted a large contingent of first circle Centaur like demons, and a single second circle demon appearing as a well dressed man with crystalline features. As the fight broke out Alveua realized that Malfeas was collapsing the level above onto this level to squash the interlopers, and anyone else unfortunate enough to be caught on this level, so she fled to an exit, Garex pursued his newest infatuation. Pristine Child and Amalion simply passed through their attackers and exited the scene. Centi, apparently nonthreatening to the aggressors, passed by them with little trouble and walked out of the party hall.

Once outside it was pretty evident that Malfeas was about to settle this disruption to the festivities, and that the remaining coven members needed to act fast. Unfortunately, they found that they had realized their fate too late to flee the level, the coven was left to hope their defenses were sufficient to save them.

Then the level collapsed!!!!!!!!

In a stunning feet of compassion, Garex, ended his pursuit and turned back to rescue Centi, who had been crushed during the collapse. While pulling her unconscious body rubble, Garex spotted the leader of the attack, now staggered from the collapse, and decided he would make him pay. Dispatching the weakened foe with a little effort, Garex took the head as a trophy.

Garex took Centi to Mirror Darkly who was able to revive her in time for the emergency meeting of the Thing Infernal being held to figure out what to do to deal with the new threat to the wedding. The Infernals were asked for three volunteers to retaliate against Eeeko Eh. Garex, Glory in Ruin, and Brunethor came forward. Shortly after this meeting, Pristine Child and a wounded Centi met with the other conspirators, where it was decided to push up their time tables and strike while the Infernal host was distracted.

Note: I couldn’t recall what happened at the parade, I seem to remember something to do with large elephant like demons stampeding through the crowds, and how we laughed wondering how far off a “normal” Malfean parade that would be. But I could really recall any specific details of what Glory did.

Session 16
  • The coven left the domain of the First and Forsaken Lion, accompanying their entourage of Abyssal allies.
  • On the way to the gate to Yu-Shan, The Glory in Ruin was secretly approached by his Lunar Mate, who pleaded with him to set her free from the captivity of her Abyssal masters.
  • The Glory in Ruin contacted Garex to come and aid him in removing the restraining manacles. At some point upon Garex’s arrival, Pristine Child enacted a ritual of brotherhood on the participating members of the coven.
  • The Glory in Ruin used the handy Malfean key to open a portal to Malfeas so that he could release his Lunar mate without fear of his new-found friend being willed to return to her former master. He released her, and compelled her to obey him.
  • The Abyssals were furious at the loss of their distracting meat shield, as she was property of the First and Forsaken Lion. Shatterer of the Way demanded the situation be corrected, and Muted Tempest agreed to take upon the role, as he was eager to enact revenge upon his former homeland.
  • The group navigated through a swampland in disguise towards the gateway to Yu-Shan. Centi was briefly attacked by some of the denizens of the swamp, but they were cut down without consequence.
  • The coven parted ways with the Abyssals and Muted Tempest as they were let through the gateway by a secret agent manning the gate in their employ.
  • Muted Tempest decided to enact his distraction by first assaulting the auditor responsible for the death of his mother. His attempted surprise attack failed spectacularly, and his ultimate fate is unknown.