The Blessed Isle Theater

The Blessed Isle is the continent-sized island located at the center of Creation. Surrounded by the Inland Sea and weeks distant from the closest Threshold port, the Blessed Isle is the center of the Realm and the unquestioned dominion of the Dragon-Blooded. It has nearly always been home to the greatest (and sometimes only) domain in all of Creation, and will likely remain so no matter the outcome of the current Time of Tumult.

In its current state as the lands of the Realm, the Blessed Isle is separated into prefectures, each ruled by a Prefect appointed by the Empress, and dominions which are collections of powerful prefectures ruled by one of the Dynastic Houses.

As of the 14th of Ascending Water RY 768, the Realm Defense Grid has reactivated in the wake of the return of the Scarlet Empress. She has so far targeted Thorns only.



The Great Coast Road

Mountains and Rivers

Coast of Xianyu

Daoshin Peninsula

Dragonswrath Plains

Imperial River Basin

The Jade Coast

Jaen-ha Plains

Plains of Rusted Iron

Shadowed Coast

Silk and Pearl Peninsula

Storm Coast and Ahbrem Valley

Tongma Island

White Coast and Pauha Basin

The Blessed Isle Theater

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