Tag: Muted Tempest


  • Acid Rime Wrist Blade

    As a Acid Rime Reaver Daiklave: Speed 4, +5 Accuracy, +5 Damage, +2 Defense, Rate 3 On an attack that is blocked by a Parry DV or successfully hits a target, the weapon shatters spraying corrosive acid over the victim. The victim suffers 2L acid …

  • Godslayer Dire Lance

    Gifted to Muted Tempest by the Pale Mistress as reward for his efforts in spreading plague and suffering to the people of An-Teng. Further augmented by the Pale Mistress after the demise of the Golden Lord.

  • Sanctuary of the Scion

    Located beneath the capitol building of Shining Kren, the Sanctuary of the Scion was gifted to Muted Tempest in return for his allegiance. The manse is maintained by Mycelia but treaties with the local city provide it with a detachment of Mountain Folk …

  • Glory to God

    Glory to God was a Night Caste Solar that participated heavily in the After Shock War. Exalting shortly after the end of the Primordial War, Glory to God felt driven to convert the dark creatures of the world to the faith of the Unconquered Sun. In the …