Dawn of the Devil-Tigers

Session 1
Prelude to the Dawn

The coven set out to accomplish their myriad objectives in the City of the Steel Lotus in the Shorelands of An-Teng. They quickly dispersed, searching for any clues to further their goals.

  • Garex “investigated” several whore houses in An-Teng only to meet a potential business partner in Dusk Caress, owner of a rising star amongst the Houses of Courteous Attention. He spoke to her about her business with the Guild and attempted to negotiate his own services in procuring slaves.
  • Garex set up a shindig including courtesans from the House of Supple Silk (run by Dusk Caress) and the Den of Plentimon (run by Razz) for the spreading of diseases not spoken of.
  • Pristine Child found a contact within the Seven Stranded Vine, Dusk Caress of the House of Supple Silk, and started bringing Dusk Caress more in line with Pristine Child’s views.
  • Locusts were distributed throughout the city in order to encourage future reverence.
  • Cultists from the House of Supple Silk were trained to become more evangelicals, in a subdued way to start.
  • Muted Tempest encountered a band of pirate hunters about to set out for his friends the Lintha.
  • Plague is on its way to An-Teng, spread through the urchins and those who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • Dragon Blooded don’t really need all of those tendons anyhow as evidenced by Muted Tempest’s crippling of famous naval officer, Peleps Rio.
  • She Who Lies with the Enemy found an ahem companion, Cynis Belar Omaa. Omaa propositioned a marriage between She Who Lies with the Enemy and Omaa’s patrician brother.
Session 2
  • She Who Lies With the Enemy wrote a letter of an undisclosed nature to her companion.
  • Pristine Child stock-piled more locusts, because hey, free locusts. Pristine Child tried to spread seditious overtures of rebellion to the urchins of the city, but was confronted by a monk of the Immaculate Order, who broke up the sermonizing.
  • Muted Tempest investigated the docks to learn of the fallout from the attack on the Water Aspected DB Peleps Rio. Apparently the Realm was sending more Immaculate Monks to deal with a believed Ananthema prescence in the City of the Steel Lotus, as indicated by Prince Laxhander of the Glorious Reign and Ragara Soras Jor disturbed by the growing plague.
  • Garex, as Warren Tang, prepared for his planned party by instructing the lower-end courtesans to act as nobles (to varying degrees of success). After the whores from both invited groups arrived and began getting their collective freak on, Garex snuck out of his estate, dropped his false persona, and called the guard onto his own party and had the women rounded up. He then began trying to drop the name of Dusk Caress in the attempt to sully her name.
  • Pristine Child, Muted Tempest, and She Who Lies With the Enemy ventured out to an Immaculate Order temple in the city the night of the party at Garex’s estate. She Who Lies With the Enemy waited outside for a signal, while the other two snuck inside. Lying in wait within the personal quarters of an Immaculate Monk, the two struck after he retired to bed. After a brief struggle, the Earth Aspect was felled, and was swiftly used as the source for a ritual turning the land around the temple into unholy ground.
  • The attack at the temple did not go unnoticed, as Pristine Child’s anima banner drew unwanted attention. Pristine Child was wounded as she fled, as was Muted Tempest as he tried to pursue her pursuer. She Who Lies With the Enemy massacred a number of acolyte monks as they witnessed the other two Green Sun Princes’ flight.
  • Within a day of the attack, Garex’s estate was surrounded by guards, and he was escorted out – along with two of his disguised Coven-mates – as one of the temple attackers had been tracked to his estate’s location. Pristine Child lay in the walls, dematerialized. Garex, She Who Lies With the Enemy, and Muted Tempest spoke with the Captain of the Guard, and later traveled to speak to Dusk Caress, though they realized they were still being watched by guardsmen. After proclaiming outrage to the madam about her whores invading his estate, Garex proceeded to spread the tale amongst the local populace in an attempt to discredit her. A Blood Ape messenger appeared and gave them a magical key to open a portal through any existing door which would grant them passage to Hell, in anticipation of the arrival of a new Infernal Exalt. He said he would return before long.
  • Air and Wood Aspect Dragon Blooded attacked Pristine Child at the estate and knocked her unconscious as she tried to flee.
Session 3
Escape & Enjoinder
  • Pristine Child was held captive by the Immaculate Order within the temple that she had helped attack in the previous session. Unconscious, the Order was waiting for her to revive in order to interrogate her, and then execute her.
  • Garex questioned his contact in the city guard as to what they discovered at his estate when they were watching over it, and found out about Pristine Child’s capture. He and the rest of the coven proceeded to question a gardening acolyte at the temple to confirm that Pristine Child was being held there.
  • She Who Lies With the Enemy, Muted Tempest, and Garex assumed the disguises of newly transferred acolytes to the temple in order to work within the enemies’ base and become more familiar with its area.
  • Upon learning of Pristine Child’s imminent execution, the trio snuck towards her prison room under Muted Tempest’s sphere of silence, Garex eliminated two guards, and Muted Tempest detached the manacles keeping Pristine Child’s dematerialized form in place. They then used the portal key given to them by the demonic messenger in the last session to escape the temple and enter Hell.
  • The group attended the Thing Infernal, where they were introduced to a new Green Sun Prince, The Glory In Ruin.
  • During the Thing Internal, She Who Lives In Her Name called forth a Green Sun Princess, Chaos Constellation, to demonstrate a new skill she had developed -in actuality heretical charms -, and was subsequently nearly decapitated by The Glory In Ruin in a demonstrative execution. Glory In Ruin and She Who Lies With the Enemy briefly fought against another Green Sun Prince, the Samarine the Unstoppable, before She Who Lives in Her Name ordered everyone to cease. The message was made clear that the path of heresy would not be tolerated.
  • A coven-mate of Chaos Constellation tried to approach Glory in Ruins after the Thing Infernal was over, but she was rebuffed because of his strong anti-heresy stance.
  • Afterwards, the Coven agreed to return to An-Teng to continue/finish-up business they had started there. They re-entered Creation outside of Gem, south of An-Teng, within the mountainous/volcanic region, whereupon they met up with Glory in Ruin’s mercenary troops.
  • Moving north, the group noticed a golden gleeming structure atop a mountain, housing ancient technology and housed by worshipers of the Golden Lord. They decided to infiltrate and attack the structure during the night. Garex intended to talk his way past the gates by taking the guise of a traveler, Muted Tempest planned to scale the walls and ensure that no one may be able to use the building’s weaponry against the mercenary troop, Pristine Child waited to pass through the gate while dematerialized, and She Who Lies With the Enemy and Glory in Ruin waited to march up the mountain path once the others were set and in place.
Session 4 & 5
  • Garex posed as a wounded traveler who had been beset by bandits, and was ushered into the golden structure, which he quickly found out was the sanctum of the Golden Lord himself. Pristine Child turned back from the gate once she realized she would materialize upon trying to enter the area. Muted Tempest snuck into the sanctum, but upon noticing celestial lions amongst the monks decided to retreat to inform the awaiting army that this was more than it appeared to be. Glory in Ruin and She Who Lies With the Enemy and Pristine Child waited ahead of the mercenary army to watch for the gates to be opened, but saw an approaching patrol of monks and celestial lions. They headed back to the army, which had been hidden in caves. Muted Tempest saw the patrol was about to begin searching the different caves within the area and would thus likely discover his comrades, so he got their attention and ran in the opposite direction, baiting them away. The group then led the mercenary army further south.
  • Garex was treated well and given an audience with the Golden Lord himself, who was moved by Garex’s story of being assaulted by a band of brigands, and declared that he would seek justice. He took Garex along with himself and a band of celestial lions and monks to head south towards the supposed scene of the attack.
  • Word of the Golden Lord’s approaching entourage was met with the decision that flight would be impossible, so the Coven and their men prepared for a fight, a seemingly hopeless one, though She Who Lies With the Enemy attempted to explain and negotiate on behalf of the coven, claiming they were heading to the City of the Steel Lotus to serve as a protective mercenary garrison for Garex (not in disguise Garex that is). Garex likewise attempted to claim that the mercenary troops were not responsible for the attack he suffered. The Golden Lord was extremely suspicious and believed neither of them, and essentially ushered them out of his domain, albeit unharmed.
  • Once back in the City of the Steel Lotus, Garex sought out information through his contacts in the guild. He learned of an impending meeting and trade deal between the Guild and the Lintha pirates. Glory in Ruin sought non-plague-related jobs that his mercenary troops could perform while they remained outside of the city proper. Pristine Child and She Who Lies With the Enemy went to find Dusk Caress, a cult contact and follower, only to discover she had been recently jailed by the city. Muted Tempest began work on spreading plague to the religious district, specifically targeting clergy of the Golden Lord.
  • The group decided to break Dusk Caress out of her confinement in the city prison. Garex, disguised as Warren Tang, insulted and annoyed a guard enough to get himself arrested. The four remaining coven members killed a couple guards when breaking into the compound, and began freeing all of the prisoners as well as burned the complex down in the process. She Who Lies With the Enemy was aware of a powerful essence-user amongst the people in the city prison (who may or may not have been confirmed by She Who Lies With the Enemy to be a Sidereal?).
  • After the breakout, Garex disguised himself as a tavern wench/harlot and attempted to extract information from the Guild contact meeting with the Lintha operatives, a man named Daedalus. Daedalus left without spilling too much information, and Garex was accosted by the two Lintha operatives, which led to a brief firefight (literally) which result in Garex frying one of them, wounding the other, and then melting away in order to escape a blunderbuss blast to his back.
  • She Who Lies With the Enemy, Pristine Child, and Muted Tempest traveled outside of the city to the City of Dead Flowers, where they met with one of the previous ruling family members of An-Teng, a leader in the worship of the Yozi within the area as well. They then met with an Abyssal contact and ally of the Yozi worshippers, Shatterer of the Way. They came to an agreement of receiving his help in fighting the Golden Lord in exchange for the right of his master, First and Forsaken Lion, to rule the remains of the City of the Steel Lotus. They finally met with the Pale Mistress herself along the Shoreline, where she agreed to fight the Golden Lord if he could be brought out to fight. It was decided that the best way to draw him out and accomplish all objectives would be to execute the ruling family members in a show trial, at night.
  • Meanwhile, Garex snuck into the warehouse of Daedalus and coldly executed him, while then planting apparent evidence of Lintha involvement at the scene, before being chased out of the building by guards.
  • The climatic finale began with Pristine Child and Shatterer of the Way working to foment an angry mob outside of the ruling family. Muted Tempest, She Who Lies With the Enemy, and Garex took upon disguises as Dragon-Blooded, and the later two began talking there way in with the servants of the palace, while Muted Tempest snuck down one of the three wings of the palace. He killed a guard and snuck inside the royal bedroom, in the middle of the prince going at it with a female Dragon-Blooded. He impaled both of them, killing the girl and mortally wounding the prince. He then snuck outside the window, dashed along to the second bedroom in another wing, crashed through the window (with the sphere of silence), and bludgeoned him to unconsciousness. His foray to the third bedchamber was interrupted. She Who Lies With the Enemy and Garex had witnessed the return of the palace servant and some guards, who were suddenly attacked by Kaleyi formed from the bodies of the 1st Prince and his lover. Horrified, the palace guards gathered and were led by the two Infernals to the other princes’ locations. The one prince who was conscious asked to get dressed before attending to business, and was subsequently impaled by Muted Tempest who was lying in wait in his bedroom. Garex and She Who Lies With the Enemy took the unconscious prince outside to a makeshift scaffolding surrounded by the growing mob. Muted Tempest displayed the impaled prince from atop the palace rooftops, and proclaimed that he was a traitor to the Realm, and such execution was the punishment for all who dare defy the Realm and it’s might, and then kicked him from the lance to the streets below. Garex also declared the unconscious prince a traitor to the Realm and condemned him to death, frying his body with his firewands. This mockery of justice brought forth the Golden Lord himself.
  • In a climatic battle, the Golden Lord opened the fight by attacking Garex for his false Justice, his divine smite-itude only thwarted by Garex melting away to reform a short distance away. Muted Tempest attacked him from unawares, barely managing to inflict the god with debilitating poison. The Pale Mistress appeared, as did many Kaleyi, celestial lions, and the Golden Lord’s friend, Mighty-in-Battle. The elephant avatar, Mighty-in-Battle tackled the Pale Mistress and the two began wrestling back and forth. She Who Lies With the Enemy and Garex initially removed their disguises as Dragon-Blooded so as to avoid potential ire from the crowds. Shatterer of the Way rallied a mob of peasants to attack Mighty-in-Battle to attempt to assist the Pale Mistress. Muted Tempest continued to harry the Golden Lord with annoying insect-like attacks that drew out his frustration at his failed attempts to squash such a bug. Pristine Child healed the Pale Mistress as she began to weaken, and thus bound her to a favor owed to him at a later time. Garex helped hex the Golden Lord’s attempts to smite Muted Tempest by spiting his attacks and perceptions attempts, as well as aided the Pale Mistress. She Who Lies With the Enemy helped eliminate the celestial lions by clinching them with her telekinetic attacks, which would lead to them getting eviscerated by the swarms of undead. Eventually the Pale Mistress was able to defeat (and devour) Mighty-in-Battle and began to wrestle with the Golden Lord himself. Through a battle of attrition, the Golden Lord’s health waned as his attempts to squash the pests around him were met with superhuman feats of avoidance, though the effort was taxing for the targeted victims. Before the Golden Lord could teleport out back to his sanctum, poison sapped him of his last strength and he fell unconscious, whereupon Pristine Child was able to use his body and essence to transform the greater part of central City of the Steel Lotus into a desert, as well as transmogrified his body into a heretofore unseen glass-like material worth 5 resources.
Supplementary Session 5.1
How The Mortals Dance To Our Tune

It is with some amusement that I recount the events leading up to my promotion to Lieutenant-General of the City of the Steel Lotus, immediately following the collapse of order.

Upon entering the gates of the city I made no secret of my desire to provide my services to esteemed military authorities. The initial reticence of said officials to use the assistance of an outsider such as myself was laudable but ultimately in vain. These sheep were grist for my mill in their own blinkered ignorance.

With enough encouragement, the stretched army of the City of the Steel Lotus accepted my offer of assistance in policing the restless populace. It was “clearly” a sign of our enthusiasm and excellent training that my forces were first on the scene to quell a spell of rioting, when it broke out in front of the Imperial Palace. Our outstanding service, when the city seemed on the edge of pandemonium, was evidence enough of the importance of my men to the safety of this city. During the terrible events of that night, many of the most important officers of the army lost their lives fighting for the cause.

So it was that I was quickly promoted by the desperate military officials. And I now stand second only to the general himself. If he only knew the truth, how he shocked he would be. And how that makes me smile.

See, we were not policing the populace that night. We were rousing them to greater heights of anger and anarchy. And when the military of the city arrived to control the chaos, they fell in the jaws of the trap, dispatched with no mercy by my brave soldiers. Some tried to escape. Those that did were brutally hunted down and destroyed, their living souls an offering to the yozis. I ordered that a few be kept alive. I made sure that they reported back with how great a hero I was – how my men alone held this city together. Their families’ lives depended on it.

Of course, the remaining generals fell for it all. I am the hero of the hour. But they too will soon be consumed by the burning light of Malfeas.

Your Servant, The Glory In Ruin

Supplementary Session 5.2
Pristine Child's Sorcerous Endeavours

Following the epic overthrow of the old regime in An-Teng, I undertook training to develop my sorcerous abilities. I had already met my humility when I laid in prison, crushed beneath the boots of the lowly Dragon Blooded. How could something so clearly my inferior have brought me low. As I contemplated my failure, I set forth for the slopes of Qaf, to find some form of enlightenment. My journey took many days, climbing the barren wastes and discovering nothing, at which I realized that my efforts here were futile. The great landscapes may be worn by the elements over the years, but my mere presence is not enough to effect such change today. As my exploration continued I stumbled upon a resting monk. The form slowly stirred as I approached, and asked what my purpose was in being. As I thought, he further asked, “and what makes you think that which you seek is held solely in the hands of the Yozi?” He presented me with a gift and a sacrifice; a soulsteel skull. In attuning to the artifact I was overwhelmed with the reality of my mortality…and the means to transcend it. In the moment I knew the terror of death and sacrificed my sense of safety, I reached out and clutched at the first whispers of sorcerous enlightenment. Death may pursue me, the Yozis may forbid my destiny, but I will find a way to rise to immortality and Primordialhood.

Session 6
The Absurdity Of Self-Determination

With the City Of The Steel Lotus in chaos, following the overthrow of its ruling family, the majority of the infernals stepped back from the politics and battle. Taking this chance and reveling in the anguish all around, they stepped back to meditate and reflect, building up their essence. Political maneuvering was left to Pristine Child and The Glory In Ruin, who took it upon themselves to reinstate the exiled yozi-worshipping family to power.

A meeting was called by the Satrap of the city for the few remaining nobility, and the military leaders of An-Teng. Sensing their chance, The Glory In Ruin and Pristine Child made their move. As the meeting began, Pristine Child raised a riot in the city, with the populace demanding the return of the exiled ruling family. The Glory In Ruin moved to quell the uprising and brought Pristine Child to the negotiating table as the “representative of the people”. Initially the assorted leaders of the city were skeptical, though Pristine Child began to convince them using her supernatural powers of influence. The Glory In Ruin watched the debate from the sidelines, planning his argument, and eventually interjected with a thinly veiled threat to The Realm. The Satrap, a proud Exalt, foolishly challenged him to a duel, unaware of the inhuman power of his opponent.

The two exalts stepped out into the courtyard, watched from above by the leaders of the city and cheered on by the baying crowd at the gate. Standing behind the infernal exalt stood Pristine Child, growing increasingly concerned at the situation. One false move from The Glory In Ruin could blow the cover of the whole Infernal coven.

Standing on the other side of the courtyard, the Satrap eyed his opponent and mouthed a cocky insult at him. His pride was struck hard as the Slayer Exalt strode forward, his sword carving an intricate web of death which culminated in a brutal slice at his neck. Staggering aside, the Terrestrial Exalt swung his sword at the Infernal’s knees, hobbling him. Attempting a feint, The Glory In Ruin struck back, but the bloodied Satrap deftly dodged, and forced his opponent back against the wall. Stabbing wildly, the Satrap’s sword grew red with blood, eventually pinning his enemy’s arm against a wooden doorframe. He stepped back, ready to administer the coup de grace to his impetuous opponent.

This the last thing that The Glory In Ruin could remember from the fight. Looking on, Pristine Child watched as a change came over him and blind rage burned in his eyes. Suddenly The Glory In Ruin had freed his arm, and then in an instant, his opponent, the Imperial Satrap Of The City Of The Steel Lotus, was stabbed in the heart. The Infernal flung his opponent’s lifeless body to the ground, still impaled on his sword, then swung his gaze around to another Terrestrial Exalt standing nearby, the Admiral of the Imperial Navy of An-Teng. As he reached for his hellwand, Pristine Child leapt forward, striking him in the back of the head just as he was depressing the trigger. The ball of green flame arced toward the admiral, missing his head by inches and exploding on the castle wall behind. Knocked cold, the Infernal Exalt fell to the ground.

With the watching crowd in joyful chaos, the generals moved to clear the scene. Before leaving with the unconscious Infernal, Pristine Child made it clear that it was she who protected the onlooking military personnel from The Glory In Ruin, something that they should ruminate upon.

The Glory In Ruin recovered, aided by Pristine Child, and a new meeting was called. At this meeting, the Infernals were successful in arguing for the reinstitution of the old monarchy, and so, under the guise of the self-determination of the people of the City Of The Steel Lotus, worshippers of the Yozis reigned once more.

Awaiting the arrival of a grand army of the Realm, The Glory In Ruin lead his army to the remains of the citadel of the God Of Justice, emptying it of the remaining monks. Discussions between him and Pristine Child began the process of a mutually beneficial alliance between the mercenary army and The Cult Of The True Heir.

Session 7
  • The coven assembled in Malfeas with the intention of heading out to Meru, the ancient 1st Age ruins atop the Imperial mountain, for the purpose of extracting the panopoly of their previous Exaltations as Lawgivers in the First Age. Since a full Circle of Solars would be necessary to obtain access to the panoplies, two coven-mates from the 6th Circle were recruited, Romega the Lover and Mirror Darkly.
  • Following the directional compass that Pristine Child had acquired in her previous excursion to Meru, the group went to the shores of Kimbery, where Muted Tempest located the apparent gate that would lead them to Meru, however, the group wished to acquire transport through the seas rather than swimming in them and risking injury. A group of insignificant demons were interrogated for transport, but they refused to reveal pertinent information – out of fear -, but they were subsequently swallowed by larger whale-like demons, who agreed to provide transportation through the gate. The group arrived went through the gate, relatively unharmed, though the same could not be said of the now-exploded corpses of the whale transports.
  • Having warped into Meru, the group found an ancient skeleton covered by a Blanket of Lethe and an orichalcum daiklave. They proceeded to the main repository building, where they discovered they would need to be registered in order to be granted access, and were shown the next location of where to go.
  • The Registration building was partly destroyed and disconnected from the rest of the system, most likely due to an odd orichalcum-gilded skeleton implanted in one of the walls. The skeleton’s orichalcum exterior flaked off to reveal soulsteel. No one really seemed to understand the inherent implications of this. The registration building seemed to recognize Garex as “Midas, King of Paper Coin and Credit” and Muted Tempest as “Glory to God.”
  • The group returned to the repository building, but it still did not recognize anyone as a registered Solar. It was pondered whether the disguises created for most of the coven were somehow messing it up, and Garex dropped his guise, got scanned, and promptly set off an alarm at the presence of an anomaly Exaltation. He re-donned his disguise, and the group followed directions when an automated voice recommended that all Solars locate to a security checkpoint building for safekeeping. There, everyone but Pristine Child and Glory In Ruin were free, but the latter two were locked in isolated rooms due to their anomaly Exaltations. Attempts to convince the system to release them from the building were futile. Muted Tempest and Garex tried to re-register again to no avail, and some fruitless running around was done until finally Mirror Darkly infused into Garex the knowledge to fix the magitek machinery in the city.
  • Garex repaired the registration building’s systems to re-connect it to the other buildings of importance. Everyone was permitted to leave the building under the care of the registered Solars, and the repository building finally granted them access to the panoplies.
  • The Glory in Ruin’s First Age Exaltation was Adamant Heart Caste-Breaker, a Lawgiver who united the fractious clans of the Mountain Folk and led a period of enlightenment and cultural excellence amongst them.
  • Pristine Child’s First Age Exaltation was that of Five Moons, a geomancer of nigh-unsurpassed skill who was married to Amalion, Third Circle Demon of Malfeas.
  • She Who Lies With the Enemy had two past lives, Cosmic Contract Calligrapher, who drafted the lion’s share of the oaths that binds the Yozis in Malfeas and in subservience to the gods, and Big Nema, Dream-Spun Empress, a Solar who left to live in the Wyld and rule over Raksha.
  • Muted Tempest…
  • Garex…
  • At the end of the session the date was the 20th Day of Descending Wood, RY 768. There are just slightly more than 3 months remaining until Calibration.
Session 8
I never thought I'd be on a boat
  • As we returned to the City of the Steel Lotus, Muted tempest informed us that his clones had uncovered recent trouble brought about by what appeared to be beastmen. Through fine deductive reasoning the apparent lair of these abominations was uncovered, Tempest in a Teapot. This clever disguise was unable to fool our keen senses.
  • Our first attempts to convince the Lunars to accept our meeting fell of deaf ears. We decided to reconvene and use the illusionary anima of a fellow lunar to bring them to our side, but they remained reticent to accept our interference. All was well though, as Garex, being his usual self, convinced the owners daughter(Raenea Fallen Leaf) to accompany him for a date the following day.
  • Having developed a diabolical plan to pit those groups in An-Teng against themselves, we scouted the nearby docks for an appropriate vessel for our expansion into the West. She Who Lies with the Enemy discovered a pair of First Age vessels under guard by members of the An-Teng militia and overheard they were about to be requisitioned by the Realm.
  • Raenea was charmed off her feet by Garex, and as he lead her about the town and into a secluded bar to remain out of site Muted Tempest passed word to the Lunars that she had been kidnapped by the Realm.
  • As the Lunars and Dragonblooded begin to fight amongst themselves, our attack on the boats began. Muted Tempest and his clone army ascended the first vessel, and as the alarm was raised and their attention focused there, the rest of us made an attack on those on the dock. After quickly dispatching the lowly mortals we sailed out of port after some difficulty in getting the boats started.

2 Swift Midday Brilliance, pg. 39 Both equipped with two light implosion bow.
“Maiden’s Delight” and “Mother’s Mercy”

Moonday, 9th of Ascending Fire, RY 768

Session 9

Dragon-Blooded Never Thought They’d See the Day When A Big Boat Comin’ Their Way

  • After the theft of the Maiden’s Delight and the Mother’s Mercy, the Scions of Anarchy (tentative coven name) ferried Garex, Raenea Fallen Leaf, and The Glory in Ruin’s men aboard. the group decided now was as good a time as any to pay a visit to the Blessed Isle, for Garex had expressed desire to find his intended bride, and She Who Lies with the Enemy had her own business to attend to there as well.
  • Passing along the northern coast of the southern continent, the two ships were hailed by two Realm naval ships and ordered to stop and prepare for a boarding. When the group failed to comply and attempted to out-speed the Realm ships, the enemy opened fire with their cannons. Minor structural damage was suffered, prompting Muted Tempest to give the helm over to the Glory in Ruin as he himself sped across the water to attack the men aboard the ships in person. Two sorcerers aboard the enemy ships cast Death of Obsidian Butterflies, very nearly injuring some of Glory’s senior lieutenants, but in turn one of the sorcerers was impaled by Muted Tempest. Not to be outdone, Glory in Ruin maniacally rammed the Mother’s Mercy through one of the enemy ships, shattering it and its crew in a spectacular fashion. The sole remaining Dragon-Blooded on the remaining ship was subdued by Muted Tempest while the rest of the mortal crew fearfully offered surrender in return for their lives.
  • Garex convinced the mortal crew to serve under the group, and then attempted to persuade the Dragon-Blooded exalt, Sesus Anders. When the latter spat upon Garex, he fired his firewand into him, harming him severely. After Garex retired for a bit, Muted Tempest and the Glory in Ruin had their fun by sadistically torturing the captive both physically and emotionally, helping to break down his will. Garex later talked to the man again, and with the aid of some charms, managed to convert him as a servant to the cause, and he took upon himself the name “Forgiveness in Treachery”

The date at the end of the session was the 14th of Ascending Fire


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