Dawn of the Devil-Tigers

Session 15

-Brass Bell Banner brings an urgent matter to Glory in Ruin’s attention. They need to get a gift for the Ebon Dragon, so why not a love child of Metagos and SWLiH corpse, Blooming Fractal Principle.
-Glory in Ruin refuses to slay the child of his patron.
-Centi is contacted by Hegra to gather and release Abyssal agents to Yu-Shan.
-Glory in Ruin and Muted Tempest are recruited into the effort.
-On their trek across the Underworld they encounter a hekatonkhire, Dying Breath Remembered, Muted Tempest is only slightly disturbed that the death of the hekatonkhire brings back visions of a previous incarnation slaying the fetich soul of the River of Torment
-They reached the Thousand and met with World’s End Herald and were treated and provided with sustenance.
-Whispers in the Dark helps Muted Tempest explore the library.
-A meeting is called with First and Forsaken Lion.
-Glory in Ruin met his Lunar mate.

Session 14.1
Conspirators Give Rise to Children's Playgrounds
  • Pristine Child introduced Centi to some of her Allies, further indoctrinating her to Pristine Child’s way of thinking.
  • When Pristine Child was ready, she and Centi went back to creation so they could seek out a Raksha in the Wyld and barter for it’s services.
  • After days of travel they were beset by a massive whale, bigger than anything either had ever seen. Centi realized it was a behemoth and that they may have found what they were seeking. They did not attempt to prevent themselves from being swallowed whole by the whale.
  • Shipwrecked inside the whale, they discovered a island populated by children shaped Rakshas. The children were not pleased to see adults on their island and refuted Pristine Child’s attempts to meet their boss. They demanded that the two Infernals play with them, which was their way of making a shaping attack to change the Infernals to children. Centi was mutated, but Pristine Child “just didn’t get it” and was locked in a makeshift cage while Centi was taken to see their leader, Always Boy, King of Whale Town, Prince of the Pearl Court. Centi met with Always Boy on the back of the whale that had swallowed them, where his castle sprouted like a giant barnacle. Centi negotiated terms to bring Calibration to the area and while Always Boy was overjoyed at the gifts Centi brought for him, he required more. So Centi and Pristine Child were required to free the children of a small Western island from the influence of their parents.
  • Centi found little resistance from the children with her offers to play and nearly made a clean get away, but the exuberance of the children awoke the confused parents. Pristine Child commanded the adults to go back to sleep and that their children would be fine. Always Boy was so pleased with the haul of children he had Centi presented with a map of the Wyld to help her in her future journeys.
  • Always Boy, following through on their bargain, reached into the sky and forced the Sun and Moon into the positions they would take during Calibration, allowing Pristine Child to summon for Amalion,
  • Before leaving Whale Town, Centi requested a mutation to hasten the birthing of her child. Always Boy was confused by the fact that Centi would be a mom, but agreed. At Centi’s request, Always Boy also agreed to take the child so that it could grow up in a veritable child’s playground.
  • Back in Creation, Pristine Child put the finishing touches on her Demesne, and Amalion placed the Manse.
Session 14

We’re Gonna Need a Montage (Moooontaaage) Ohhh it takes a Montage…

In the weeks after Garex’s wedding extravaganza, the Coven took their different paths:

  • The Glory in Ruin cemented his position as a military figure of importance in An-Teng by formally assuming the position as a general in their military. He spent his time planning and concocting strategies for his intended invasion of the fortress-city of Lap to the east. He also granted his personal loyal troops the Malfean gift of mutations to augment their capabilities.
  • Garex spent his time honing his social skills and marksmanship, while tending to his economic affairs by siphoning off Cynis Falen’s assets to his personal account. After his elaborate shin-dig, he had been granted the honorary position of “Honorary Tengese Celebrant” – the official in charge of parties essentially. Obviously, he also spent much time with her aboard the Maiden’s Delight as they cruised the southwestern seas.
  • Muted Tempest was interrupted by a seemingly-powerful essence-user of unknown origin while in the midst of his efforts to spread plague. As he was in broad view in a relatively public area, Muted Tempest elected to not test the stranger’s mettle and instead evaded him through the alleys. He learned his efforts to bring plague to the City of the Steel Lotus had been progressing, but had recently declined in virulence as the Lunars had concocted a tea that cured the mundane disease, to which he planned to seek Garex’s aid in shutting down their Tea House establishments through his trade and negotiation skills. He returned to the Mother’s Mercy to speak to Forgiveness in Treachery and to convince him of the crimes of the Celestial gods and the need to bring them low. FiT also expressed his desire to win the love of Ranaea, who had returned to her Father after Garex tossed her to the wayside. FiT also cried a bit when he realized he wasn’t invited to the wedding. Muted Tempest also worked on the skill of poison-making, as well as learning his ABCs.
Session 13
When many misbegotten child appeared.

Our return to An-Teng was triumphant. The old ways are still intact and we had a massive wedding to plan.

-Glory in Ruin approached the Tengese military about beginning the conquest of the Lap. They have proven their strength against the realm and now it’s time to carry it on.

-Peleps William, an agent of the Ebon Dragon, approaches Glory in Ruin to help prepare security for the Wedding! Glory in Ruin hasn’t focused much on this with Garex’s wedding much sooner but it must be taken care of soon, Exalted interference is worried about.

-Golden Promise used Garex as an example of what An-Teng should be. He represent the triumph of Tengese Spirit!

-Beyond the outbreak of orgies and riots, the wedding went off without a hitch through the ceremony. Golden Promise used this chance to further the publics love of both An-Teng and himself.

-Pristine Child lead a prayer to the Ebon Dragon to bless Garex. The ceremony went well and

-Some external influences approach Garex afterwards regarding Pristine Child presiding over the wedding.

-Garex was confronted by Renea’s father after the “kidnapping.” He threatened to kill Garex if the whim ever came upon him and Garex remained in An-Teng.

-Glory in Ruin was not successful in tracking down those that approached Garex in his room, instead having a run in with Prince Xhao.

-Pristine Child and Centi departed for Malfeas to accomplish their goals which required time beyond that which is available before Calibration.

-Pale Mistress and Muted Tempest created a small brood of children. Muted Tempest now has an entire clutch of children to figure out how to take care of.

-Glory in Ruin has impressed members of the Tengese military with his actions, and they approach him to serve under his leadership.

-Glory in Ruin and Muted Tempest begin further preparation for the invasion of Lap.

Session 12
Return to An-Teng
  • Following the abduction of Cynis Falen, The Glory In Ruin chose to flee. Disregarding Malfeas’ scorn, he escaped.
  • Meanwhile, stranded at sea, Centi attracted a school of siaka, shredding one of their number with a blast of mental shards. Taking the carcass, she shaped it into wood, allowing her to paddle back to the mainland and escape her perilous predicament.
  • 3 days passed and The Glory In Ruin, Centi and Muted Tempest were reunited on the Blessed Isle. Rumors were rife in Pangu about the existence of a Yozi cult or anathema who kidnapped Cyrus Falen. The Glory In Ruin chose to rest, following a vicious cut to his throat in the abduction. Muted Tempest continued his work in Pengu, spreading rumors and plague in equal quantities. Centi traveled on the Imperial City to speak to Cynis Belar Omaa in order to stoke rumors and speculation linking the dragon blooded of An-Teng to the troubles in Pengu. Pristine Child eventually arrived in Pengu in a boat with a demon.
  • The coven heard news that An-Teng is beginning to thrive again under the directorship of a chosen of the Unconquered Sun. Hearing this, the coven chose to return to the South to see what was happening.
  • Garex returned to the ship with his betrothed, breaking Raenea’s heart, and the coven set off, back on the high seas.
  • On the way back to An-Teng it was decided to stop at Pristine Child’s island. Muted Tempest chose to leave on his own to speak with The Pale Mistress alone.
  • Upon the island it became clear that an itinerant preacher had been subverting the locals into following a different god. Together, Pristine Child, Centi and The Glory In Ruin set upon the preacher, who was revealed as an abyssal exalt. Prevented from using sorcery to defend himself, the preacher was hopelessly outnumbered and was eventually dispatched into 10,000 years of torment by Glory In Ruin. With that, the coven set sail back to An-Teng.
  • Outside the City of the Steel Lotus, Muted Tempest met up with the Pale Mistress to discuss the city’s affairs and their offspring. She relayed to him the news of the city – almost all the dragon blooded of the city were destroyed, and the people of the city were happy and more prosperous under the rule of the solar exalt. They were beginning to return to the worship of the old gods, primarily one of the guises of She Who Lives In Her Name – The Queen Of Order
  • Before the arrival of the remainder of the coven, Muted Tempest chose to make an assassination attempt on the solar exalt. Jumping through the window of his chamber, he was unable to pierce his defense and instead faced an angry lunar exalt who jumped to his aid. Muted Tempest fled and escaped to fight another day.
  • The remainder of the coven arrived in the city hearing gossip being about an assassination attempt by the terrestrial exalts. Muted Tempest explained what had happening, to varying reception amongst her allies. An attempt was made to communicate directly with the solar, but he was too busy, with the attempt on his life making him wary of outsiders.
  • With that, the coven set to work in the city again, spreading plague and disorder, as always.

Session 12 ended on 15th of Resplendent Fire

Session 11

Abduction and Escape

  • The Coven set up camp to let Garex recuperate after he had to be subdued during the kidnapping of Peleps Najalin Repha El. Garex accepted an offer to be healed by Pristine Child, while Repha El explained to Centi his apparent regret as to what happened to her, and he pleaded for her to free him and come with him. In the meantime, The Glory in Ruin decided to row himself to the mainland, and would arrive in four days. Garex made use of his spy network to find out the daily itinerary of his wife-to-be, Cynis Falen.
  • After the Glory in Ruin made land and met up with the Coven, he had some stern words for Garex and Centi, accusing them of essentially going “soft” but he agreed with Centi’s assertion that the personal tasks could be made to destablize the Realm. It was agreed that Muted Tempest and the Glory in Ruin would abduct Cynis Falen while she studied with her calligraphy tutor in the evening and they would bring her to Garex, whereupon he would “rescue” her. In the meantime, Centi and Pristine Child were going to row back to the Mother’s Mercy with Repha El to begin indoctrinating him (and to keep him away from any potential reprisals from Garex).
  • At the site of the calligraphy tutor’s building, Muted Tempest snuck into the backyard garden and laid in wait while the Glory in Ruin and two clones remained ready to strike through the main door. Muted Tempest gave the attack signal and crashed through the glass wall, attacking Cynis Falen’s body guard before proceeding upstairs to find Cynis Falen. The bodyguard pursued as the Glory in Ruin crashed in, and he followed upstairs as well. The fight continued for a short while before the Glory in Ruin managed to knock the bodyguard unconscious with the reverberation of his own attacks against him, Muted Tempest killed the tutor, and Cynis Falen attempted to escape out the window of the building before she was subdued by the duo. Unfortunately, her cries for help and the burning of the building (caused by the bodyguard’s anima) attracted the attention of the guards. Muted Tempest grabbed Cynis Falen and ran away, but the Glory in Ruin was left to find a way to deal with the situation alone (well, plus two clones in the area).
  • 2 days out on the sea, Repha El tried to plead with Centi once more, but receiving no satisfactory answer, he offered his apologies and burst forth his anima banner to break his bonds and attempt toe scape into the sea. He damaged the ship and hurt some of the occupants, but Centi clinched him with her telekinetic powers and raised him into the air. Pristine Child tried to persuade him to stop resisting, and he appeared to comply, but when he was lowered down, he re-activated his anima, destroying the ship.

Session 11 ended on the 25th of Ascending Fire.

Session 10

-The exploration of Pangu province was begun in an effort to recover Cynis Falen for Garex. This exploration was hindered by Garex’s inability to consume alcohol in any amount, let alone in moderation.

-The port authority happened to be an acquaintance of the officer Garex was impersonating. He may have been convinced to look the other way briefly by the large sum of money thrown at him, but nothing is preventing him from coming back and haunting us later.

-We managed to locate Cynis Falen, but discovered she was already engaged to Peleps Najalin Repha El, Centi’s “ex”-husband. Conflict emerged amongst the coven about how to go forward with this new development. Garex wanted to kill the man for daring into his territory and Centi wanted to let the marriage proceed as a tool for later upheaval.

-After some semblance of agreement was reached, Muted Tempest endeavored to acquire a writing sample for impersonation, even though he is illiterate. After showing him the pretty squiggles that are the name we seek, he managed to recover a document.

-Peleps Najalin Repha El fell for the false document and left his manse where we ambushed him. It was a quick and decisive victory against him and his party, but the fight between Centi and Garex was just starting.

The session ended on the 19th of Ascending Fire

Session 9

Dragon-Blooded Never Thought They’d See the Day When A Big Boat Comin’ Their Way

  • After the theft of the Maiden’s Delight and the Mother’s Mercy, the Scions of Anarchy (tentative coven name) ferried Garex, Raenea Fallen Leaf, and The Glory in Ruin’s men aboard. the group decided now was as good a time as any to pay a visit to the Blessed Isle, for Garex had expressed desire to find his intended bride, and She Who Lies with the Enemy had her own business to attend to there as well.
  • Passing along the northern coast of the southern continent, the two ships were hailed by two Realm naval ships and ordered to stop and prepare for a boarding. When the group failed to comply and attempted to out-speed the Realm ships, the enemy opened fire with their cannons. Minor structural damage was suffered, prompting Muted Tempest to give the helm over to the Glory in Ruin as he himself sped across the water to attack the men aboard the ships in person. Two sorcerers aboard the enemy ships cast Death of Obsidian Butterflies, very nearly injuring some of Glory’s senior lieutenants, but in turn one of the sorcerers was impaled by Muted Tempest. Not to be outdone, Glory in Ruin maniacally rammed the Mother’s Mercy through one of the enemy ships, shattering it and its crew in a spectacular fashion. The sole remaining Dragon-Blooded on the remaining ship was subdued by Muted Tempest while the rest of the mortal crew fearfully offered surrender in return for their lives.
  • Garex convinced the mortal crew to serve under the group, and then attempted to persuade the Dragon-Blooded exalt, Sesus Anders. When the latter spat upon Garex, he fired his firewand into him, harming him severely. After Garex retired for a bit, Muted Tempest and the Glory in Ruin had their fun by sadistically torturing the captive both physically and emotionally, helping to break down his will. Garex later talked to the man again, and with the aid of some charms, managed to convert him as a servant to the cause, and he took upon himself the name “Forgiveness in Treachery”

The date at the end of the session was the 14th of Ascending Fire

Session 8
I never thought I'd be on a boat
  • As we returned to the City of the Steel Lotus, Muted tempest informed us that his clones had uncovered recent trouble brought about by what appeared to be beastmen. Through fine deductive reasoning the apparent lair of these abominations was uncovered, Tempest in a Teapot. This clever disguise was unable to fool our keen senses.
  • Our first attempts to convince the Lunars to accept our meeting fell of deaf ears. We decided to reconvene and use the illusionary anima of a fellow lunar to bring them to our side, but they remained reticent to accept our interference. All was well though, as Garex, being his usual self, convinced the owners daughter(Raenea Fallen Leaf) to accompany him for a date the following day.
  • Having developed a diabolical plan to pit those groups in An-Teng against themselves, we scouted the nearby docks for an appropriate vessel for our expansion into the West. She Who Lies with the Enemy discovered a pair of First Age vessels under guard by members of the An-Teng militia and overheard they were about to be requisitioned by the Realm.
  • Raenea was charmed off her feet by Garex, and as he lead her about the town and into a secluded bar to remain out of site Muted Tempest passed word to the Lunars that she had been kidnapped by the Realm.
  • As the Lunars and Dragonblooded begin to fight amongst themselves, our attack on the boats began. Muted Tempest and his clone army ascended the first vessel, and as the alarm was raised and their attention focused there, the rest of us made an attack on those on the dock. After quickly dispatching the lowly mortals we sailed out of port after some difficulty in getting the boats started.

2 Swift Midday Brilliance, pg. 39 Both equipped with two light implosion bow.
“Maiden’s Delight” and “Mother’s Mercy”

Moonday, 9th of Ascending Fire, RY 768

Session 7
  • The coven assembled in Malfeas with the intention of heading out to Meru, the ancient 1st Age ruins atop the Imperial mountain, for the purpose of extracting the panopoly of their previous Exaltations as Lawgivers in the First Age. Since a full Circle of Solars would be necessary to obtain access to the panoplies, two coven-mates from the 6th Circle were recruited, Romega the Lover and Mirror Darkly.
  • Following the directional compass that Pristine Child had acquired in her previous excursion to Meru, the group went to the shores of Kimbery, where Muted Tempest located the apparent gate that would lead them to Meru, however, the group wished to acquire transport through the seas rather than swimming in them and risking injury. A group of insignificant demons were interrogated for transport, but they refused to reveal pertinent information – out of fear -, but they were subsequently swallowed by larger whale-like demons, who agreed to provide transportation through the gate. The group arrived went through the gate, relatively unharmed, though the same could not be said of the now-exploded corpses of the whale transports.
  • Having warped into Meru, the group found an ancient skeleton covered by a Blanket of Lethe and an orichalcum daiklave. They proceeded to the main repository building, where they discovered they would need to be registered in order to be granted access, and were shown the next location of where to go.
  • The Registration building was partly destroyed and disconnected from the rest of the system, most likely due to an odd orichalcum-gilded skeleton implanted in one of the walls. The skeleton’s orichalcum exterior flaked off to reveal soulsteel. No one really seemed to understand the inherent implications of this. The registration building seemed to recognize Garex as “Midas, King of Paper Coin and Credit” and Muted Tempest as “Glory to God.”
  • The group returned to the repository building, but it still did not recognize anyone as a registered Solar. It was pondered whether the disguises created for most of the coven were somehow messing it up, and Garex dropped his guise, got scanned, and promptly set off an alarm at the presence of an anomaly Exaltation. He re-donned his disguise, and the group followed directions when an automated voice recommended that all Solars locate to a security checkpoint building for safekeeping. There, everyone but Pristine Child and Glory In Ruin were free, but the latter two were locked in isolated rooms due to their anomaly Exaltations. Attempts to convince the system to release them from the building were futile. Muted Tempest and Garex tried to re-register again to no avail, and some fruitless running around was done until finally Mirror Darkly infused into Garex the knowledge to fix the magitek machinery in the city.
  • Garex repaired the registration building’s systems to re-connect it to the other buildings of importance. Everyone was permitted to leave the building under the care of the registered Solars, and the repository building finally granted them access to the panoplies.
  • The Glory in Ruin’s First Age Exaltation was Adamant Heart Caste-Breaker, a Lawgiver who united the fractious clans of the Mountain Folk and led a period of enlightenment and cultural excellence amongst them.
  • Pristine Child’s First Age Exaltation was that of Five Moons, a geomancer of nigh-unsurpassed skill who was married to Amalion, Third Circle Demon of Malfeas.
  • She Who Lies With the Enemy had two past lives, Cosmic Contract Calligrapher, who drafted the lion’s share of the oaths that binds the Yozis in Malfeas and in subservience to the gods, and Big Nema, Dream-Spun Empress, a Solar who left to live in the Wyld and rule over Raksha.
  • Muted Tempest…
  • Garex…
  • At the end of the session the date was the 20th Day of Descending Wood, RY 768. There are just slightly more than 3 months remaining until Calibration.

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