Sanctuary of the Scion


Manse 5

Powers: Guardian, Ultra-Deadly Traps, Greater Veil of Shadows, Outside Fate.

Hearthstone: Prism of Infinite Refraction (3) – Grants the Adamant Caste anima power, Stone of the Shadowed Heart (2) – MDVs are +4 against attempts to read your intimacies.


Located beneath the capitol building of Shining Kren, the Sanctuary of the Scion was gifted to Muted Tempest in return for his allegiance. The manse is maintained by Mycelia but treaties with the local city provide it with a detachment of Mountain Folk who serve to defend the site (Guardian). The manse is filled with traps created by Mycelia, Mountain Folk, and controlled Darkbrood such that no faction has total awareness of the manses defensive capabilities (Ultra-Deadly Traps). Finding the cavern manse itself is a challenge without having first attuned to the manse as its designer intended for it to be beyond the sight of mortals and Heaven alike (Greater Veil of Shadows, Outside Fate).

The Sanctuary produces two hearthstones, the Prism of Infinite Refraction and the Stone of the Shadowed Heart.

Sanctuary of the Scion

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