Infinite Resplendence Amulet


These artifacts can make any outfit the owner desires, with different powers depending on what magical materials were used in its creation. Artifact ●●● versions only have one of the following, Artifact ●●●● possess two, and Artifact ●●●●● have all of the following materials and abilities. All versions have a measure of defense against the elements, adding 1 success to all Resistance or Survival rolls to reduce or avoid the effects of deleterious environmental conditions, toxins or disease. All versions also provide 1L/1B soak, which stacks with and does not count as armor.

Orichalcum can make clothes of solid light, making the wearer seem more impressive adding +4 to appearance, but inhibits stealth like an 8-10 mote anima banner.

Moonsilver amulets offer superior protection, replacing the basic soak benefit with 5L/5B, and camouflage when needed, providing two bonus dice to Stealth rolls and Larceny rolls dealing with disguise.

Starmetal clothes are understated elegance and have very deep pockets that dip into Elsewhere.

Jade helps to dignify and point out those who wear them, adding in war.

Attunement: 10


Centi and Pristine Child each posses a level 4 version of this artifact, with the Orichalcum and Moonsilver settings.

Infinite Resplendence Amulet

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