Hearthstone: Gem of Pestilence: Plague


This waxy ocher gemstone has an unwholesome sheen. Each of the bearer’s attacks that inflicts at least one health level of damage acts as vector for plague (see Exalted, pp. 350-353), requiring a (Stamina + Resistance) check against the disease’s Virulence to avoid infection. This is considered to be a mundane disease in all respects once the target is infected; it spreads and is cured normally. This is a Metagaos hearthstone.

Disease: Plague
Virulence: 4
Morbidity: 5
Difficulty to Treat: 5
Treated Morbidity: 4

Spread through person-to-person, as well as through clothes, blankets, and other goods touched by plague victims. It may become airborne if it spreads to a victim’s lungs. Death typically results within 14 days of onset of symptoms. Only the Great Contagion is more feared.

Virulence: Stamina + Resistance roll to avoid becoming infected when exposed to the disease

Morbidity: Difficulty of Stamina + Resistance roll to survive the infection if not treated or if treated but the healer failed his Intelligence + Medicine roll.

Treated Morbidity: Difficulty of Stamina + Resistance roll to survive infection if successfully treated by someone with medicine ability

Difficulty to Treat: Modifier healer’s (Intelligence + Medicine) roll to successfully treat the disease


Hearthstone: Gem of Pestilence: Plague

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