Birthplace of a Primordial


Hearthstone: Stone of Loyalty

Bound Servitor Force(Heranhal)(3)
Bound Servitor Force(Marottes)(3)
Greater Veil of Shadows(4)
Emotional Focus(Pristine Child(Reverence)(1))
Extended Zone of Influence(3)
Outside Fate(5)
Factory Cathedral(5)
Life Sustaining(3)

Habitability 3
Maintenance 4


After much labor on the part of her cultists, and time and effort invested by Pristine Child to create the demesne and earn Amalion’s favor, the Birthplace of a Primordial is finally complete. A steppe pyramid constructed of sandstone blocks pressed from the surrounding desert, the structure is topped by an altar, well, and a 10 yard platform. The well appears to be empty but in the far depths of the well a green light is caste forth. The altar is just the cap piece of an entire structure dedicated to the worship of Pristine Child and the Yozi. The artwork and majesty of the structure is visible for miles around(Extended Zone of Influence), enlightening those who witness it to the glory of its creator(Emotional Focus). The altar itself is forged of sand from the deepest parts of Cecelyne and caste off flesh from Oramus, removing the area under its sway from the influence of the Loom of Fate(Outside Fate) as well as rejecting the appearance of those whom Cecelyne deems unfit to be in her presence(Consecrated). All of these features do not make the structure habitable, it is a solid piece of stone work with no means of egress(Habitability 3). The altar itself is also drained by forcing creations sway away from the region requiring the sacrifice of a mortal once a season to keep the conflicting elements combined in an efficacious form(Maintenance 4). The target of this sacrifice is bound to the altar and one wrist slit open allowing him to slowly bleed to death, his blood serving as the mortar for the disparate components. Along the base of the glorious structure lie the forges used to create further embellishment(Factory Cathedral)

Birthplace of a Primordial

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