Betrothed's Secluded Retreat

Manse of Qaf


Hearthstone: Jewel of the True Self (Compass of Terrestrial Directions: The Scavenger Lands)
Powers: Greater Veil of Shadows(3) Amalion doesn’t want the manse to become a target of those demons which seek greater power, along with seeking greater solitude when spending time with Pristine Child
Ability Enlightement(Craft, Lore, Occult, Integrity)(3) The manse itself is aware of the many skills required in its construction, to aid Pristine Child in those skills to which Amalion has dedicated her existence.
Archive(All-Commanding Oversoul Beckoning)(2) The windows show the stories of these lovers and scattered amongst these panes is instruction on how to bring Amalion into Creation.
Emotional Focus(Amalion(Love))(2) The scattered lover statuary inspire the dedication to the emotion they portray.
Otherworld Gate(Connection to Birthplace of a Primordial)(5) The reciprocal gate to return to creation after visiting Amalion.
Wyld Revocation(Increases time 10 fold and manse creation)(3) Allows them to spend more time together, and examine the aesthetics of a manse before creation.
Comfort Zone(1)
Magical Conveniences(Automated Sketching Tools, Automatic Lighting, Automated Librarian, Plumbing, Training Room)(1)


A gift for Pristine Child from Amalion. The broad entryway is filled with light streaming in through towering windows, the green light cast amongst towering pillars. Statues of classical lovers are scattered about the open spaces, unfinished as their love is ever ongoing. The hearthstone chamber is a secluded shrine behind the main gallery, where upon a unsoiled alter the heartstone rests upon three entwined marble pillars.

Betrothed's Secluded Retreat

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