Dawn of the Devil-Tigers

Session 21

Pyyhric victory is a victory none-the-less

In an attempt to remove the threat of the Lintha, the forces of the Devil-Tigers marched on Blue Haven. Utilizing a small contingent of Garex’s air fleet and most of Pristine Child’s demon army, we launched at them headlong, with little in the way of planning or foresight. Though, incompetence was not ours alone this day, the armada of the Sea that Marched Against the Flame did more to destroy themselves than we could have hoped, or even should have expected.

At the outset of the engagement, the Lintha Admiral, a powerful Akuma, summoned forth his master, turning the seas to match her twisted nature. This proved most devastating to their own fleets, sinking much of their vessels while doing very little to our airborne forces. The battle pitched when the Admiral proved he was equal parts arrogant as he was stupid, though he was still a powerful adversary and we would likely have done more damage to ourselves had we chosen to continue with the direct approach. Garex nearly met his fate once again, though was saved by Muted Tempest as he then proceeded to bug out. I, Samarine, knowing the loss of a valued ally would hinder us more than a mere defeat in this meaningless battle, took to rescuing Garex from the acidic sea and ordering a withdrawal from conflict. Pristine Child, overconfident as always, sank beneath the waves where she thought she was untouchable. Alas, and ironically well timed on my part, the sea vanished, in what I can only imagine was Malfeas wrenching back all that was twisted by the Great Mother, leaving only the void for the oceans of creation to fill.

Though the fates of the Heretic Queen and Muted Tempest lie outside my purview, I have faith that they will find a way back to us. Until then, I must continue to do what is necessary to protect our cause.

Samarine 7th of Ascending Air, RY 770


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