Dawn of the Devil-Tigers

Session 20

Shop Smart, Shop Gephron-mart.

The inevitable conflict for the fate of the world begins. The heresy has gathered on Pristine Child’s island, and set forth to establish a social and military force to begin their expansion. The main driver for the economic expansion is the ever popular Gephron Industries, mass producing all your artifact needs for rock bottom prices. As these goods flooded the market the Guild was undercut on one of their prime markets, reducing their worldly influence.
In the meantime the Scarlet Empress has returned and has begun to work her wiles on the Blessed Isle. Not much of her influence has been felt in our small corner of the world, but the agents of the yozi have already sent out feelers trying to track down Garex. How long is it til full blown conflict emerges and our deals with both sides become obvious to the world?


benjaminbeard JoshuaHacker

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