Dawn of the Devil-Tigers

Session 19

Horse Whispering. And kidnapping. . .

After having gathered a band of infernals, akuma and prince alike, Garex bravely led his party off into the crystalline fields to capture the being known as Washo – Eh. With the help of a native guide, and after some long travels through the wilderness, it would appear that Washo – Eh and a herd of his follows caught Garex and his party off guard. Thankfully, Garex through his inspiring leadership commanded his forces against the those of the treacherous Washo -Eh. By a mix of Garex’s cunning, and the might of his allies, Washo-Eh was captured.

What should have been a glorious homecoming however was ruined, as the Thing Infernal was up in arms about some heretic or something, and they had the audacity to accuse Garex of being one of those heretics. Needless to say, this called for a vacation back in creation, consisting of a rather long drug fueled bender with Cynis Falen.

After nearly losing his life to the a drug overdose, Mirror Darkly persuaded Garex to join the heresy in exchange for his life. Also, sexual addiction! Garex then moved to the island sanctuary of Pristine Child, awaiting what would happen next.


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