Dawn of the Devil-Tigers

Session 18.1

Come morning we ride

After his most glorius victory over the second circle demon following the collapse of the wedding party, Garex made his way demon head in tow to the thing infernal. At the thing infernal, by virtue of his charisma and charm, Garex became leader of the conspiracy to bring swift justice against Eeko-Eh.

After some deliberation, it was decided something loved by eeko-eh must be taken from him. After consulting with the knowledge broker Yurgle, and telling Yurgle the vile tale of the affair of Muted tempest and the pale mistress as only a story teller of his prowess could, Garex was informed of the spirit Washo-eh, whom it is decided is the ideal taget for a kidnapping. Upon returning to the thing infernal, Garex informed his co-conspirators of the plot to kidnap Washo-eh, and come morning, they will make their way to the Plain’s of Eeko-Eh to perform the deeds.


benjaminbeard JoshuaHacker

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