Dawn of the Devil-Tigers

Session 18

My little friend is hardening.

The assault on Lillun’s stronghold began, the manses were breached and the search was underway.
Under Cecelyne’s purview, we encountered an apparently endless desert under multicolored stars. Centi discovered that peeing in a circle is not the way to get out, it just irritates the sand worms.
She Who Lives in Her Name apparently has a fixation on puzzles for children, her manse breezed through… unfortunately that breeze ended up being Adorjan’s manse and tore most of the group to shreds, leading to a few more favors owed.
With two manses remaining we encountered Malfeas’s contribution to the defense, a small army of Blood Apes. Centi quickly learned the advantage of truly perfect defense, as her lack of it lead to her splatting headfirst into a wall and then careening into a pool of lava.


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