Dawn of the Devil-Tigers

Session 16

  • The coven left the domain of the First and Forsaken Lion, accompanying their entourage of Abyssal allies.
  • On the way to the gate to Yu-Shan, The Glory in Ruin was secretly approached by his Lunar Mate, who pleaded with him to set her free from the captivity of her Abyssal masters.
  • The Glory in Ruin contacted Garex to come and aid him in removing the restraining manacles. At some point upon Garex’s arrival, Pristine Child enacted a ritual of brotherhood on the participating members of the coven.
  • The Glory in Ruin used the handy Malfean key to open a portal to Malfeas so that he could release his Lunar mate without fear of his new-found friend being willed to return to her former master. He released her, and compelled her to obey him.
  • The Abyssals were furious at the loss of their distracting meat shield, as she was property of the First and Forsaken Lion. Shatterer of the Way demanded the situation be corrected, and Muted Tempest agreed to take upon the role, as he was eager to enact revenge upon his former homeland.
  • The group navigated through a swampland in disguise towards the gateway to Yu-Shan. Centi was briefly attacked by some of the denizens of the swamp, but they were cut down without consequence.
  • The coven parted ways with the Abyssals and Muted Tempest as they were let through the gateway by a secret agent manning the gate in their employ.
  • Muted Tempest decided to enact his distraction by first assaulting the auditor responsible for the death of his mother. His attempted surprise attack failed spectacularly, and his ultimate fate is unknown.


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